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Friday, January 31, 2014

Dreaming of (and up) SPRING!!!

I am literally praying for spring.  This has been such a cold winter in the Midwest and on east coast that I am day dreaming(and night dreaming) of the day the snow is melting under a warm sun, flowers and shrubs and leaves are popping out buds and curls and most of all when we are all able to create our spring outfits and wear them outside of our bedrooms.  I have created a couple really amazing outfit concepts for this coming spring. Ones that will satisfy the edgy, the girly and the creative alike!  I always include as many super affordable pieces as possible in my sets because if you are like me, you are always adding to your wardrobe because you get bored and inspired quickly...Aaaaaand just because this winter is so powerful and may be long, I have created my ideal everyday look for those super frigid days we have yet to come.  Lord, pray for us all!

Frigid Day

Goth spring

Goth spring

Beige top

H&M black skinny jeans
$16 -

Canvas tote bag

River Island earrings
$3.30 -

Rimmel lipstick

Cream eyeliner

My Minds Eye-Love Me-Paper-Love

Moody spring