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Monday, February 10, 2014

Spotlight on: The Over Sized Cardigan

Do you have an over sized cardigan yet?  If you do, you are loving it and glad you invested in one.  When ever you can't find it you freak out. Why? Because it is your new go to.  It is so comfortable and chic with out looking like you are trying hard at all to look cool which makes it so much cooler.  It is obviously cozy looking, no one can fault you for that.  If it is patterned all the better because well, it is the un-statement piece.  Totally a statement because of the pattern and the size but so unassuming because of the cozy factor!  And, it surprisingly goes with everything.  You just want to wear it with what ever you can get away with because it is so comfy and cool that it inspires you to be pretty creative with what you pair it with and you step out side your comfort zone(in style not actual comfort because if I didn't already beat it to you...It's COZY!). This trend is going no where for a long time and if it happens to just be your personal style any ways, well in that case, it is NEVER going out of style.  Good investment for so many reasons.  Find one in a wide range of prices and styles and wear it and you're welcome.

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